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About Earth Spirit Healing

Healing with Reiki, Spiritual Energy & Romiromi

Supporting your life journey
Align your pillars of health
Spiritual guidance

When we experience emotional or physical trauma associated with this life, our past lives or passed down through our ancestors, we can hold the pain associated with the trauma in our physical bodies, where it can manifest as diseases, hormone imbalances, or mental health related issues.


At Earth Spirit Healing, we offer treatments to release these blocks of pain, and to help clients heal.

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“Julia is truly amazing! She has been blessed with a wonderful gift that she is willing to share to help others. She made me feel completely at ease with her caring, kind, and serene manner. It’s difficult to accurately describe how I felt but the level of emotional release and eventual calmness that enveloped me was all encompassing.”

Diane, February 2024


Phone: 021 222 7937 


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