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"I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I visited Julia, but I went with an open mind and willingness to experience my energy healing journey.

Julia is truly amazing! She has been blessed with a wonderful gift that she is willing to share to help others.

She made me feel completely at ease with her caring, kind, and serene manner. It’s difficult to accurately describe how I felt but the level of emotional release and eventual calmness that enveloped me was all encompassing.


Julia also followed up my session with regular texts to monitor my well-being. I am forever grateful to Julia, she has made me a believer in this kind of energy healing, and I will continue my journey with her."

Diane, February 2024

"My first session with Julia was absolutely incredible and has given me the confidence I didn’t know I needed to move forward in my healing journey.


She was exceptionally professional and patient with me when discussing my intentions for the appointment and explained how she works, making me feel comfortable before I laid on the massage table.


Julia tailored the session to specifically target areas that needed clearing and was very intentional each step of the way. I have finally found a practitioner that works with my pain threshold, body frame, and specific trauma, not forcing a release, but letting my body/source guide the way – exactly how this practice was intended.


Her dedication to my healing journey feels ongoing as she anticipated what I may experience post-treatment and that she is available to assist with whatever emotions/bodily sensations may arise. Her accuracy, knowledge and connection to source is unlike that of anything I have experienced with previous practitioners.


I highly recommend Julia to anyone who is ready to embark or continue on with their overall health journey. Her holistic approach really enables you to live your life to the fullest potential without carrying the emotional baggage passed on through your ancestors or taken on throughout the course of your life experiences."

Katie, March 2023

"Julia created an environment that was trusting and safe. This allowed me to go deep into the healing process and really surrender to what needed to be released at the time.


Julia has a gentle and intuitive ability to shift and unblock energy which was felt instantly after my first session. I will continue to see Julia for future healings."

Nadine, February 2023

“I recently attended my first session with Julia and was amazed by the whole experience. Regardless of if this is your first spiritual experience or your 100th, Julia provides value and has a special talent like no other.


From the moment I entered her space I felt calm, welcomed and ready to dive into the experience. Julia is wonderful at making sure you are completely at ease and ready to accept spiritual guidance.


I went into this experience with no expectations and left feeling like a new person. Julia is completely dedicated to your healing experience and truly allows you to open up and release any pain you may be holding within your cellular memory.


I would recommend Julia and this experience to anyone looking to unlock an aspect of healing which they may not have tried before or those who are already on their healing journey and would like to explore a new holistic approach.


Julia walked me through the entire process at the beginning and helped to answer any remaining questions at the end with the upmost grace and professionalism. The environment she is able to create is a must ‘visit’. Julia will truly change your outlook on healing and she is 100% your go to for spiritual healing and guidance."

Monique, February 2023

"As someone who has always been drawn to spirituality, I was instantly intrigued when Julia first told me about Romiromi.


From the moment I walked through the door I felt enveloped in a sense of tranquillity and warmth from Julia. Her gentle and soothing demeanour immediately put me at ease, and I knew I was in good hands.


Throughout the session, Julia took the time to understand my individual needs and preferences, customising the experience to suit my unique journey.


What struck me the most about the Romiromi session was how seamlessly everything flowed. Julia's skill and expertise were evident in every movement, and I felt a deep sense of connection to both her and the practice. By the end of the session, I felt transformed, as if a small weight had been lifted from my soul.


Overall, I cannot recommend Julia highly enough - her passion for this ancient practice shines through in every aspect of the experience."

Annelyse, March 2023

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